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There are 8 different types of barbed wire but most commonly used are the IOWA and   GLIDDEN Type. This is normally with 2 strands and 4 barbs

Material: Either hot dipped galvanized wire with zinc coating to DIN 1548 Table 1 or to BSS 443 Heavy Zinc coating.

Diameter of wire used for the strands: From 1.80mm up to 2.80mm.

Diameter of wire used for the barbs: From 1.60mm up to 2.40mm.

Distance between Barbs: 75mm, 85mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm

Length of Rolls: In 100meters, 150meters, 200meters

Packing: All rolls carry a label showing quality of galvanized wire specifications and of roll. 

Length of roll. Barbed wire rolls are packed on wooden pallets, well strapped and shrink wrapped.

N.B: When ordering please give diameter of stranded wire, diameter of Barbs, spacing between barbs,length of roll and what zinc coating you desire on the wire whether to DIN 1548 Table 1 or heavy galvanized to BSS 443.

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