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Heavy Galvanized Razor Cut Concertina Barbed Wire is one of the most effective means of anti-intruder perimeter protection available. It is manufactured from a continuous galvanized thin steel strip with 'Fish Tail' blades punched out. This is formed around a high tensile heavy galvanized wire. The barbed tape is then formed into circle forms, that are clipped together enabling the roll to be extended in a concertina type fashion. Alternatively it can be used in single strands.​

Material : Heavy Galvanized or Stainless Steel.

Types: Small, Medium and Large blade.

Diameter of Coil: 450mm, 710mm and 900mm.

Length per coil when extended: Depending on the size of the coil the extention can vary from 5mt to 12 mt

On large and extra large barbs it is 8/10 metres.

Packing: All coils are carefully and well packed on wooden pallets covered with thick carton sheets to prevent injuries when unpacking. Protective clothing is recommended when handling this product.

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