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Zinc Coating on the Internal Wire: Either to DIN 1548 table 1 or Heavy to BSS 443

Diameter of Wire: 1.40/2.00mm, 2.00/2.65mm, 2.24/3.15mm, 2.50/3.55mm, 3.00/3.55mm and 3.50/4.75mm

Coils Length: For diameters starting from 1.40/2.00mm up to 2.50/3.55mm in coils length either in 50m, 100m , 150m or 200m

Coils Weight: For diameters starting from 2.00/2.65mm up to 3.50/4.75mm in coils weight of 5Kgs, 10kgs, 15kgs, 25kgs or 50kgs.

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