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Finally, the Zinga™ concept has been introduced in Malta. This new product is the key to corrosion problems which put a heavy burden on heavy duty machinery and units. The Zinga™ is a very versatile application which allows usage on many types of surfaces, weather conditions and types of metal. 

Although Zinga™ is just a broad word for its various purposes it is best defined as a product which provides total corrosion solutions to the industry using the innovative & unique ZINGA™ technology in combination with highly qualified services, in order to extend lifetime of investments & assets. Until then, the only anti-corrosive method in Malta was hot-dip galvanizing. However after comparative usage on Marine projects, Zinga™ out-lasts hot-dip galvanizing by approximately 4 years ! 


ZINGA has been developed in conjunction with the University of Ghent's world-renowned Faculty of Chemistry, and is manufactured in Ghent, Belgium by ZINGAMETALL.


  Quick Facts

• Packaged in 10 kg (0.87 Imp. gal.) container
• WHMIS labeled 
• MSDS Sheet supplied with every order
• Unlimited container and shelf life
• One can covers approximately 400 sq. ft.
• Dry to the touch in 10 minutes
• ZINGA is a non-toxic substance
• Bonds to metal and will not flake or peel off • Heat resistant up to 150°C (302°F)
• Safe on surfaces in contact with drinking water 
• Applicable on wet surfaces and on welded metal
• Flexible and abrasion resistant
• No topcoat required for application
• Long lasting (up to 14 years or more)
• New layers of ZINGA electrolytically fuse with old layers
• Cathodic protection is reloaded with new layers

Zinga Product Range
Zinga 5
Zinga 2
Zinga 3
Zinga 1
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